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How To Make These Pancakes

Oh shit, these were good pancakes.

These oatmeal pancakes don't take any more time than traditional pancakes from scratch but they'll leave you feeling wayyyyyy better because of all the fiber and fruit.

1 cup milk or almond milk

1 cup steel cut oats

As much apple as you want (I used about a half)

1 egg

Splash of vanilla

1/2 tsp of cinnamon (use more if you're obsessed with it like I am)

Little bit of nutmeg (or none if you're not crazy about it like I'm not)

1/2 Tbsp baking powder (hey-o, PSA, baking powder and baking soda not the same)

Healthy spoon of brown sugar (frankly I'd put in an entire bag i freaking love brown sugar)

Fuckton of blueberries

(FWIW, I also added a big spoon of ground flaxseed because I put that in pretty much everything I can, but it doesn't change taste one way or another. You could add in any kinds of grains or seeds here.)

Blend the apple and oats together in a food processor or immersion blender or ninja blender or by hand if you're a knife master. Pour them into a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Your batter should be relatively thick but you can always do a test pancake to check how you did. For an idea of why, here's how my test pancake came out:

This picture is the visual representation of how a hangover feels.

A cooking note:

Thick batter takes longer to cook. They'll need to sit there a while so that you can flip them without them falling apart. So make sure your heat isn't too high or you'll burn your first side!

If they aren't this browned on the first side, they probably won't stand up to flipping so be patient.

Top with syrup and smash your face in the damn things. Share them if you have to but I'd be selfish if I were you.

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