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How to make this oatmeal

Oh shit. This was some good oatmeal.

If it's not a pastry and it's not a donut and you hate eggs, what the hell else can you eat for breakfast?

First of all, eat anything you want. I'm ultra opposed to specific foods being eaten at specific times of day. I've very happily eaten salad for breakfast. (Salad for Breakfast is a band I would listen to.)

Second of all, oatmeal is often the answer people are looking for, they just don't know it. This one was a mouthgasm in a bowl. Here's how I made it, but you can experiment endlessly. I compromise between instant oatmeal (woof) and the kid's not even gonna be dead anymore oatmeal (takes freaking forever) with quick cook oatmeal, done in ten minutes.

1) Dice and roast/boil a sweet potato. (I boiled because lazy.)

2) Make steel cut oats with vanilla almond milk.

3) Add the diced sweet potato, pomegranate seeds, and brown sugar.

4) Grapefruit on the side.

Devour. Enjoy at any time of day.

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1 Comment

Nov 23, 2019

I have an 'Oh shit. This was some great porridge' recommendation!

In very-central London, in Neal's Yard, is a beacon of awesomeness called 26 Grains. Alex, the owner, is ridiculously lovely, and makes porridge from heaven, and shares her recipes, she even made a book:

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