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Resistance Workout

An atypical blog post for me, not writing about fitness at all.

Like everyone else, I found yesterday to be abhorrent and terrifying. I'm not here to write a commentary because my commentary would basically be "FUCK THIS GUY" and "FUCK THAT GUY TOO" and "FUCK EVERY ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE" so now you've read my commentary.

But I'm posting this because when I struggle with emotions I can't make sense of, I always turn to moving my body. Sometimes it helps me dissociate for half an hour, sometimes it gives me the opportunity to think really deeply for half an hour, sometimes it just burns out the extra energy, usually rage. If you're like me, I videoed tonight's bodyweight cardio workout. Click here to follow along. No weights, no mats, just you.

It's 40 minutes, not death cardio, moving your body in a bunch of different ways. I offer modifications on the way but you can create your own modifications too. Anything I do can be done without jumping, at half the speed, or at twice the speed. You do you. Speak out against racism and take care of yourselves. We'll be back on the fitness blogging next time.

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