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Mia Lazarewicz

Trainer, Author, Athlete, Gryffindor

Mia is a Boston-based personal trainer, strength coach, and adult gymnast who picked up American Ninja Warrior on the way. Too judgmental and opinionated to work politely somewhere, she soon became a certified personal trainer and hasn't looked back since. Her dad says she's the very best personal trainer in the world.

Although Mia has worked with many high-level athletes, she loves beginners the most, which is why she is writing Diamonds On The Floor. If you're new to exercise, come knock on her door. She'll let you in.

She likes being all the insults: bitchy, bossy, fussy, shrill, emotional, and, yes, hysterical. 


Mia is an NSCA-CPT, CSCS, Z-Health trainer

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