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Lecture: Strength Training in Women

Hi friends!

I am putting together the last part(s??? don't know yet) of Training While Aging. But I've also been meaning to post the lecture I gave in November for the Female Performance Summit Webinar. You can listen to it here.

My talk (Elite Upper Body Strength Training in Women) sounds like it's a talk for women to watch. But I stress that it is vital for men who coach girls/women, fathers, teachers, etc. to listen to and consider these issues. So men, listen up!

We first looked at the physical, societal, and emotional factors that must be understood when it comes to training women. From social media to pop media to our own internalized views, it all gels into a system that, at best, holds women back. At worst, it causes demonstrable emotional and physical damage for a lifetime.

Seems exaggerated? Learn how we:

* Tease girls who are into "boy sports," especially lifting.

* Harass teenage girls (the age where most girls leave sports permanently) about their appearance in a bathing suit/soccer shorts/leotard.

*Bully adult women who train to get stronger, telling them they look manly, they're selfish, it's pointless.

* Lecture old women about the risk of osteoporosis due to... a lifetime of not strength training.

The second half of the talk is about the process of training women; the hows, the whys, the approaches, and the programming. I've used video of many of my clients to help demonstrate (THANK YOU LADIES) some of the tactics we use to get them strong AF.

When people are telling you that they are disadvantaged by a system, it's easy to write it off. We never want to think we're doing those things, believing those things, or participating in those things. I hope that seeing the many examples I collected here will help viewers to better understand how pervasive the problems are for women in sport, and how huge the potential is for improvement.

Again, the talk can be found here. Feel free to share this with friends! Reassure them that I won't waste an hour of their time.

Happy lifting, ladies!

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